Family Law Forensic Services

Business Valuation

Financial Expert Services

We value the following business interests for litigation, divorce, corporate transactions, and tax compliance:


  • Limited liability companies (LLCs).
  • Corporations.
  • Limited partnerships.
  • Sole proprietorships.
  • Professional practices.
  • Holding companies.
  • Family limited partnerships.
  • Private debt / promissory notes.
  • Bank loans.


We consult with family law attorneys on business valuation, alimony, and other financial forensic issues that arise in divorce.


  • Marital balance sheets.
  • Community/separate property tracing.
  • Malmquist calculations.
  • Pereira and Van Camp apportionment.
  • Distributable income projections.
  • Alimony analysis and negotiations.
  • Document production requests.
  • Deposition questions.
  • Settlement negotiation and structuring.
  • Equalization note structuring.

We provide financial expertise for civil litigation, including expert testimony, damages quantification, lost profits analysis, and expert report reviews.


As both a seasoned financial professional and a licensed attorney, Mr. Duckworth has a unique combination of financial and legal experience to assist you with disputed financial issues arising in litigation.


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