Firm Overview


Duckworth & Company is an independent financial advisory firm that offers financial expertise for litigation.



Russel B. Duckworth, CFA, JD is the principal of the firm. Mr. Duckworth has over 20 years of investment and financial experience. Prior to entering the financial industry, he represented clients in private equity and M&A transactions as an attorney.


Mr. Duckworth has a JD from the University of Virginia and a BS from North Carolina State University.

  • Business Valuation. We provide independent business appraisal services for litigation, divorce, corporate transaction, and tax purposes.  MORE >>
  • Family Law Forensic Services. We work with family law attorneys on business valuation, property tracing, alimony, and other financial issues.  MORE >>


  • Financial Expert Services. We work with attorneys on financial issues that arise in general civil litigation.  MORE >>


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